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Melanie Holden, PT

A physical therapist for over 35 years, Melanie Holden is known internationally for her expertise in healing, spiritual transformation, and relaxation/stress relief. Early in her career, Melanie discovered her aptitude for perceiving and working with the human energy field. Over time, she developed her intuitive abilities, often able to identify the underlying cause of a person’s illness or discomfort. Melanie helps you access your own power to heal and transform your life.  She connects you with your spirit helpers and channels powerful healing energies to accelerate your results.

Melanie is a healer, a teacher, a medical intuitive, a psychic medium and a feng shui practitioner. 

She is the CEO of Property Therapist, a business devoted to improving the prosperity and wellness of businesses and people through the transformation of the places in which they work, live and play.

For over 20 years, Melanie owned and directed Physica Center for Healing and Education, a healing arts center that gave access to traditional and alternative styles of treatment.

To reach a larger population, she now offers private and group (in-person and virtual) sessions, along with channeled healing meditations on youtube.

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Let go of stress and anxiety

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy is the blueprint from which our physical bodies are created. When energy is blocked due to physical or emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, or energetic interference, it shows up as pain and suffering in the human body, mind, and heart. During a private phone or in person group session, I help you identify these blockages and release them while bringing in new energies perfectly attuned to your needs. The results are the creation of a whole new possibility for vibrant health, peace and happiness!

Medical Intuitive

I bring my expertise in physical therapy and knowledge of anatomy and traditional medicine to my practice as a Medical Intuitive. I read the energy of your body and receive information from your spirit guides to help you to achieve your healthiest state. Any information given is to be discussed with your healthcare professional before you take action.


I help you connect with your loved ones who have crossed over and receive messages from the other side. I will teach you how to recognize your loved ones when they are with you and how to communicate with them yourself. This can help ease your grief and make the healing process easier.

Feng Shui

Using the principles of this ancient art, I help you create an environment in your home or business that promotes prosperity, health, and wellbeing. This is a seriously fast way of transforming your life and manifesting your dreams!

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