Success Stories

Melanie Holden is an amazing healer. I have been a client off and on for over 10 years and I can't imagine my life without her. One of the things I appreciate about her is her ability to balance traditional health and wellness techniques with a deep wealth of knowledge and experience in alternative therapies. This integrated solution is so important to me as I not only recover but also experience whole body wellness. I highly recommend Melanie!
Wendy Capland
CEO Visionquest Consulting
I have worked with Melanie for years, and she is part healer, part magician, and part angel. Whether it is her intuitive sense, her healing hands or her gentle therapeutic approach, she always manages to make everything all right, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Wynne Miller
Master Certified Coach
Sessions with Melanie are always impactful and this week’s session was no exception. I came into it knowing my energy levels were low, my stress level high and my body trying to fight off something. Melanie quickly assessed that I have a pretty aggressive virus trying to take hold and my body is in full fight mode. She suggested a treatment that focused on my current needs and also addressed the longer term goals around my bones that we’ve been working on. The treatment itself was amazing. Taking me into a meditative state, Melanie poured an energetic antidote into my body vertebrae by vertebrae. I felt energy flow into key places of need and it really made a difference. The most amazing thing was in the last minute. I was sitting quietly in this state and our attention was at the base of my spine. I had the sensation of all of that energy and the antidote swirling up my spine. It was so intense, I had to open my eyes because I felt temporarily dizzy. What I didn’t know was Melanie had sensed my tail bone was crooked and was helping move it back into alignment. Her energetic work, coaching on physical practices I can implement and guidance around nutritional and supplement support continue to help me feel better in the moment and also achieve my longer term health goals. While my endocrinologist is playing a role with some of my work, I know I also need a holistic approach to healing my body, my mind and my soul. Melanie’s work with me is a significant part of my health journey and I could not imagine doing it without her.
Kelly Villanueva
VP Hanover Insurance
Melanie has helped me in so many ways over the past years. She helped me heal my gallbladder and avoid surgery when I was having severe attacks. She also healed my severe back pain which came on quite suddenly. I had even considered quitting my job but I didn’t need to after she worked with me! Just recently, I had a 3 week digestive issue which resulted in my not being able to eat normally. She worked with me remotely by phone, and the treatment was as effective as the treatments I have had in person. In just one session, I was back to normal! That is incredible! Melanie is a miracle worker! I often wonder what my life/health would be like now, had I not found her. She is so compassionate and empathetic and has such a gentle touch. I know that whenever anything comes up in my life that I have trouble dealing with, Melanie will be there for me.
Claudia Haime
I started with Melanie in 1998 after sustaining a back injury at work. I tried many modalities of treatment and consulted with various physicians and physical therapists with no success. A Neurologist affiliated with Beth Israel hospital referred me to Melanie. After several visits, I was on my way to a full recovery. Needless to say, I have sustained my relationship with Melanie to this day, and have included my family in her practice. Her expertise in the anatomy and physiology of the body, keen assessment skills, and communication style (she truly listens) allows her to personalize treatment based on your needs and capabilities. Melanie has helped me learn more about my body and has provided me with the tools to lead a physically and emotionally healthier life.
Elisa LaFrenier
Senior Director, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Melanie is a master healer. Working with her feels like being in the presence of an angel. Not only did she help me postpone an impending knee surgery, she has helped me access much deeper levels of healing. Although I initially came in to see her for specific issues, like recovery from surgery or back pain, Melanie’s work is Intuitive and integrative. The longer I work with her, it actually feels like she is doing preventative work. It’s almost as if she’s targeting and eliminating stress and tension that might manifest later on as physical symptoms. She has given me a deeper understanding and experience of my spiritual nature and my faith. Melanie holds a space for total wellbeing – healing on all levels, all at once. During one session, she identified an issue with my thyroid and recommended specific tests to request from my doctor. The tests came back positive and my treatment plan was adjusted. I trust Melanie implicitly, and because of that trust, I am able to release and let go of things that the body has been unconsciously holding onto for a long time. My work with Melanie is a relationship that allows me to heal more deeply.
Patricia Giannoti
Psy.D, author
After 15 years of dealing with chronic physical and emotional stress from a motor vehicle accident as a teenager, I was able to release the fear and sadness that occurred during the trauma through my work with Melanie. Melanie has a wonderful, calming way of interacting with her clients to promote an environment that is ideal for healing. My body also endured significant physical strain from the trauma which resulted in dysfunction of many of my body's systems presenting as chronic fatigue and additional autoimmune symptoms. Melanie was able to use her intuition and natural gift for healing to release restrictions in the body to allow for optimal functioning. From my work with Melanie I have been able to resume running and return to a life where I can see the joy in everyday occurrences! As a client and as a fellow physical therapist I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone struggling with their health or emotional well-being.
Sarah Vose
Mind and Body Physical Therapy
Melanie's gentle healing work goes deep. Her intuitive touch brings to the surface what you need to release to come back to your balanced self. Her words open your awareness to more peace, more love and self acceptance.
Karen Reid
What would our lives be like if we lived in true harmony within ourselves, with others, and with nature? How can we live in physical and emotional alignment with our deepest, essential, and divine nature? How can we work with our fears and not be ruled by them and the judgments we put on ourselves and others? These are the big questions I bring to my sessions with Melanie. As a highly experienced physical therapist and caring guide, she patiently listens and uses an approach of intuitive embodiment work to support my journey of integration of mind, body, and spirit. Through meditation, sound, and energy work in our sessions, Melanie fosters the deep connections necessary for me to find freedom from my self-limiting thoughts so I can access my inner sage. In an age of seemingly endless time spent on screens in video conferences, Melanie uses our phone sessions to balance sound and silence to allow the grace of the present moment to radiate through. The result for me over the years I've had the privilege to work with her is a true renewal of how I view myself and a transformation of how I show up in the world with my family and in my work as an executive coach. Melanie's presence in my life has been a gift.
Ken Giglio
Principal, Mindful Leadership Consulting