A Miracle Begins with the Ask


A miracle begins with the Ask.

What are you asking for?

Freedom from physical pain?

A healthy and loving relationship?

Work that you are passionate about?

Financial prosperity?

Getting clear on what you really want – not what you think you want, or what someone else has told you to want – is the first step to creating something extraordinary in your life.

Making the Ask is the bold next step.

If you never let yourself ask for that miracle, how can you possibly receive it? This is where you might bump up against limiting beliefs like, “I don’t deserve it,” or “I’m asking too much.” Be clear that those are programmed beliefs, not truths. The truth is that you are worthy of every good thing, just by being alive! Identifying and healing what stops you from making the ask leads you to being able to receive what you deserve.

Who do you ask?

God, Goddess, the Universe, the Earth, the stars, the moon, other humans, the angels…ask whomever your heart chooses. Your request resonates like a bell in the deep spaces of your own being and is heard by all throughout time and space. The moment you ask, the magic begins. Behind the scenes, your spirit helpers start the process of bringing your miracle to you.


Sounds easy, right? Not so easy if those old beliefs are still in place! How often have gifts been laid at your feet only for you to just step over them, assuming they were left for someone else? How often have you said “No” to opportunities that were out of your comfort zone, out of your box? Be willing to be surprised! Be willing to be unexpectedly delighted. Remember, a miracle is something that is simply beyond your expectations. Expect the unexpected and receive it!

Take Action.

Sometimes your miracle will arrive in a colorful package tied with a ribbon. Sometimes, it takes action on your part to bring it into fruition. When you receive inspiration, in the form of a thought or a feeling – don’t dismiss it! Ponder it. Write it down and come back to it. Many times every day you are given thoughts and feelings that if followed, would lead you to your goal. Most of them we override with thoughts like, “That’s crazy,” or “They will think I’m weird.” Notice all the ways you stop yourself and begin to practice saying yes and taking action. Even the smallest of steps will set the miracle in motion! Steps in the wrong direction, but with the right intention will also lead you there!

Say Thank You.

even before you receive your miracle. Say thank you for what you know you are about to receive. Practice a steady state of thankfulness. Come back again and again to the feeling, not just the thought, of gratitude. Count your blessings. Think of all the wonderful things, even the tiniest of things, that happen to you every day – even on your worst days. The attitude of gratitude powerfully attracts more and more and more blessings. If you only did this one thing, miracles would fall around you like rain on the seeds of spring.

Get Help.

We are not meant to go it alone. We all need support. Sometimes your tried and true supporters aren’t the ones that can help you with something bigger and brighter. If your miracle seems to fall through your fingers every time, if you have tried and tried and tried again, yet still find yourself in the same place, reach out and let me help you. If you want to walk the straightest, easiest path to your goal, I’m here to guide you.

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A Miracle Begins with the Ask

A Miracle Begins with the Ask

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